Investigative Reports

A collection of Beau's investigative reports.


Dangerous soccer goals

Beau's Emmy award-winning report on the very real and very hidden dangers of soccer goals. 


Essential Air Service Investigation

Beau investigates why the government is spending millions on flying nearly empty air planes to small, rural airports. 


"Mitochondrial Mystery: The Justina Pelletier Story"

Beau broke the story os Justina Pelletier in 2013 and won an Edward R. Murrow award for the series of reporting on the controversial case some called a "medical kidnapping." 



Beau investigates after multiple consumers share complaints about a furniture store that is taking their money but won't deliver



FBI warns 'Exploding Targets' sold in Pennsylvania could be used by extremists

It’s not dynamite, C4 or TNT blowing things up in many YouTube videos. But it is something that anyone can get right over the counter. 


Highly Questionable Arrest

A man is arrested for impersonating a police officer. Calling it 'questionable' might be an understatement. 


Electricity Company's Rates SHOCKING Consumer's Wallets

Beau investigates after customers of an electricity company say they were mislead and overcharged. 



Priest Stealing from His Church?

Beau tracks down a priest accused of major theft from his parish. 



Police officer avoids major discipline after threatening to "shoot up" a bar

Beau uses Texas FOIA laws to investigate a hidden issue in his first TV market. 


The Writing is on the Wall 

Beau investigates a Connecticut sign company accused of scamming its customers. 


Contractor Nightmare

Beau helps a Connecticut family get their money back after a run-in with a shady contractor. 



"Burning Questions" 

The investigation that won Beau his first Edward R. Murrow award in Texas.