General Assignment Reports 

Beau has filed more than 1,000 general assignment reports in his career. These are some of his favorites. 


Beyond the Suit: The World of Furries 

What are furries and why do they come to Pittsburgh each summer? 

Beau sits down with a furry for a one on one interview. 


NY Prisoner Escape: Search Nears Pennsylvania 

Beau was sent to New York in June 2015 when authorities thought dangerous escaped prisoners could be headed to Pennsylvania. 


Uber's Self-Driving Cars Unveiled

Beau takes a spin in one of the high tech cars making their debut in Pittsburgh. 


'Vampire of Vandergrift?'

Beau tracks down a man accused of drinking teens' blood and having sex with a 14-year-old girl

Fire swallows Hartford Apartment Building 

Beau reports on breaking news from the scene of a massive fire. 



Flooding in Pitcairn

Beau gets knee-deep to show the issue after heavy rains.