What I'm up to right now

This page is based on a concept I learned from Derek Sivers with the goal of letting people know what you are doing at any given moment (the point of this "now page" is for it to be updated as circumstances change). 

-I'm currently the Sunday through Thursday night-side reporter for WTAE TV and a fill-in anchor 

-I've been taking a one hour French lesson each week since November 2016 

-I started doing some workouts with Orange Theory Fitness a few months ago as a new challenge

-Podcasts are my new obsession (I know, I'm about 10 years late). My favorite is The Tim Ferriss Show. 

-I've accepted a position as a "Next Generation" board member for the Greater Pittsburgh YMCA's Camp Kon-O-Kwee Spencer

-I was asked to participate in a "Dancing with the Stars" style fundraiser for the nonprofit Watchful Shepherd that they call "Dancing for a Cause." I practiced a routine for several months with a trained dancer and we presented it at a charity dinner on November 3rd 2017. We won the people's choice award dancing to Justin Beiber's song "Despacito!"